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09 October 2018

We make Romanian visas for everyone

If to consider the legal side, Romania is one of the youngest countries of the world – it was only formed in 1859. But it actually roots to 1352 (the date of Moldova’s formation) and 1310 (the year of forming of Principality of Wallachia), so its history spans for more than 7 centuries and has adopted and developed many unique traditions.

General information about travel to Romania

The biggest attraction for the coming tourists is the location of life and death of Count Dracula, known by the history as one of the cruelest people of all times, Vlad the Impaler, who was born in Sighișoara in 1428 (or 1431). His castle is still a mighty eyewitness of tens of thousands of people killed during his reign. Besides, all people remember the tragic love story of he and his wife, who had thrown herself out of the window of his fortress, not willing to live without him (depicted in ‘Bram Stocker’s Dracula’ movie with some alterations to the real history).

However, not only mystical roots call people from all over the world to Romania and their prominent Transylvania, Bucharest, and other wonderful cities of the country. In winter, Romania turns into a wonderful snowy fairytale, which lures with tens of top-quality winter ski resorts (over than a hundred of them located all across the country). The most inviting and famous are Sinaia, Poiana Brasov, Azuga, Parang, Arieseni – Vartop, and Campulung Moldovenesc.

In addition to many kilometers of snowy drifting, in summer, guests of the country can enjoy the other pole of satisfaction – it’s amazing Black Sea resorts, hundreds of which admire our guests every year. The most popular cities are Crisan, Mamaia, Eforie Nord, Limany, Constanca.

But to make it all come to life, most visitors need to obtain a Romanian visa, and to do that – to have the insurance for visa to Romania. It is best of all and most convenient to make through our Romanian insurance visa Center, which has given several thousand insurances, visas, and invitations during the period of work. We have all the personnel and resources needed to maintain this work at the highest level, within working hours, day by day and year by year.

So let’s investigate below what specificities the process of obtaining insurance for Romanian visa has.

Romania Travel Insurance

When you come to Romania or any other country, which differs from your native one, the first thing you should think of is your personal insurance, as well as the safety of all people coming along with you. If your travel is of a family type, the necessity to have Romania travel insurance is a must. Why? Because if anything happens (God only knows but still, the cases are not rare in life, so you have to be prepared for everything) – you will have to come to a hospital. Without insurance, you will be possibly charged thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the type of medical intervention. Who have so much along?

Basically, anything can fall under the medical issue:

  • a nasty scratch you receive while climbing uphill
  • bruise you receive when canoeing
  • hurting your limb when having trekking on a mountain bike
  • sprain or anything other, that is connected with your joints or ligaments…

We can list a long-long reasoning of what can happen but the only thing is clearly visible: if anything happens that will prevent you from normal enjoying your vacation, or, moreover, leads to serious injuries or death, you will definitely need a medical intervention. Protecting yourself upfront from all these misfortunes and paying the relatively low price to cover the cost of risk, you will be completely protected if anything goes wrong.

Starting from only almost intangible 4 Euro per day, you obtain the great insurance price for one person. The insurance umbrella covers an extensive list of medical issues that may happen with you or your relatives during the leisure you have in Romania.

Besides, having the travel insurance for Romania visa is a mandatory thing you must have on your hands when applying for a visa to Romania in a consulate department or embassy located in your country.

It is very easy to apply for your personal insurance for a Romania visa. All you got to do is to fulfill the questionnaire on our page, which shall collect the following information:

  1. Your dates of stay in the format of DD/MM/YYYY, from and to, so we can precisely calculate the length of your period of visiting us.
  2. Give us your Name, Surname, and the date of birth (the latter in the format of DD/MM/YYYY) – this basic information is needed to personify the insurance policy.
  3. Next, to move further to obtaining your medical insurance policy for visa to Romania, you have to select the citizenship (in some cases, it may affect the cost of medical insurance as there are some international agreements with separate countries on that issue exist).
  4. Passport number.
  5. Your comments to the order (if any).
  6. Your contact details so we can stay in touch and also send you a copy of the insurance policy. E-mail, in this case, is preferable as we try to organize each and every our communication through this channel. But if you want, you can also provide us with your Phone number that we will use for emergencies. However, please always fulfill the ‘E-mail’ field, as we cannot progress without having it.
  7. Then choose the preferable method of payment (several types of cards or PayPal) and click on ‘Next’ green button you see below.

The process will start and you will receive the requisites for payment (usually, a link). Following them and making your payment in a secure manner, you have to wait until your payment is processed and debited on our account. It may take from several hours to several days (so be sure to plan your trip at least 3-4 weeks prior the day you apply for insurance and a visa to Romania).

However, in most cases, the payment result is swift and it’ll form your insurance document within a short time. When the payment is processed and the document is formed, it is immediately sent to your e-mail so you can further download it and make a copy if you need it so.

Important! The process described above is applicable for 1 (one) person exclusively. Be sure to repeat the abovementioned process if you have more than one member of your tourist trip going along with you, each repeatable for each person traveling. The same goes for children, as they also are separate people (only of small age) but that does not change the process (only the cost of it).

The printed document(s) will be shown by you when necessary:

  • at the border crossing if a border officer will ask you to show it
  • if an accident happens – to the official representative of the insurance company to start the process of helping you.

Romania medical insurance for visa to Romania

So now as we have dealt with the general information and the process of applying for a visa, let’s see what types of insurance and for what visas we do.

What are Romania visa insurance requirements? Let’s consider:

  1. First, you have to have the insurance ready before applying for a Romanian visa.
  2. It is also dependent on your passport – if at the end of your trip to Romania and returning home, you won’t have the passport document eligible for at least 3 (three) months since the time of your departure, there is no point in making the insurance before you make a brand new passport.
  3. If you are going to have specific medical treatment in Romania, you need to obtain the completely different type of medical insurance. Since it is connected with direct medical tourism, the regular visa insurance may not be needed for you and also the type of visa will be different. For cases of medical tourism, please check relevant information with your medical institution.
  4. The most widespread cases of tourism, including (but not limited to) are: tourism, business trip, holiday, student visa. We do the visa insurance policies for all of them.

It does not matter, with which goal you are going to Romania:

  • to take care of your business or private issues
  • sightseeing and visiting locations in the country
  • visit your relatives or spend holidays
  • taste our delicious wine in many vineyards and regions
  • study here in one of the finest universities –

we certainly have for you a decision for the insurance.

The term of the insurance usually covers all the period of your stay in the country and has a slight gap over it (just in case). In most cases, regular short-term visas have the attached medical insurance which action spanning no less than the term of it but it usually limited to week(s) or month(s).

In the case with the student visa, the thing is different because of the long-term nature of it. The regular study usually embraces 4, 5, or 6 years. Sometimes longer – it depends on the educational facility and the program. For instance, higher education (master, doctor or some sorts of internship for medicine schools) requires even more, sometimes +2…+6 years of additional education, thus totaling the maximum period of stay in Romania for up to 12 years. Of course, not all students study that much – the most part stops their education somewhere between 0.5 and 4 years (0.5 years mean they come here for 1-2 semesters, just to receive a short-taught specialty).

The reasons why students come here are vast. Firstly, people are attracted by universities’ names and relatively low cost of studying (compared to ones from the UK, the US, France, or Germany):

  • University of Bucharest
  • Babes-Bolyai University
  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University
  • Politehnica University of Bucharest
  • West University of Timisoara and others.

There are dozens of other well-famed educational facilities, which we haven’t named here – but we’re sure any student can find on his or her own, where to apply. The trend of studying abroad gains more power in the latest 3 decades throughout the world. So no wonder that Romanian colleges and universities also experience the influence of the trend.

We know how the various types of insurance differ. And we can assure the complete process of their preparation, taking into account your personal and specific requirements. The student visa is more expensive than the tourist one but it’ll cost you less money per 1 day of stay (exactly because of its long-term character).

In the end, we want to tell you that you must know that there are certain requirements to Romanian visa in general and they are:

  1. Having the eligible passport valid for no less than 3 months since the time of departure from Romania and at least one blank page
  2. Valid medical insurance that you are buying from us
  3. 1 3x4 color picture of standard requirements
  4. Filled-in questionnaire
  5. If you are a hired employee – the certificate from your workplace that you work there, with an indication of your income, the period of work, and the position. If you are self-employed – then the last report to the state tax inspection for the latest 6 months or year with your income and the amount of paid taxes. Although, instead of the report, the visa department of your consulate or embassy may require another document
  6. Money, no less than 50 EUR per day of stay or 500 EUR per all the period of stay per person
  7. Air tickets on both sides for all travelers.

If you are a package tourist – then in most cases, the above-mentioned documents won’t be asked. You shall know that a good travel agency can help you receive a visa, submitting all your 

documents instead of you, which include a voucher that they do, tickets, booking of the hotel and so on.

If you have any issues or questions to discuss with us about your insurance for a visa to Romania, we are glad to hear from you. You can contact us using our contact data (which are easily found on the ‘Contact’ page of the site). We are ready to answer you using any of the mentioned channels of communication:

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • regular phone
  • our e-mail.

Also, we are glad to see you at our Bucharest address. Also, there is one more opportunity to get in touch: the feedback form located on ‘Contact’ page.

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